Cedar Rapids Coin Club
PO Box 2277
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2277
Incorporated in 2004

The Cedar Rapids Coin Club is a non-profit, educational organization founded in 1939 for the purpose of educating people of all ages in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  We hold monthly meeting, during which various programs of an educational nature are held for the benefit of our membership and the general public. All meetings are open to the public and there is no charge for attendance unless a person wishes to become a member of the club. Adult annual dues are $5.00 per year, and junior membership (under 18) is $1.00 per year. The Cedar Rapids Coin Club is a member of the ANA, CSNS, and INA.

Club Meeting Location and Time:
Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm
Meeting Location:
Kenwood Methodist Church Basement  on the 100 block between 33rd and 34 Streets NE.
While the church address is on 33rd, the parking lot and entrance to the basement is on 34th Street.

Current Club Officers:
President: Jack Bradley e-mail: Jack_L_Bradley@hotmail.com
Vice President: Scott Crawley
Treasurer: Mick Parr e-mail: mickp81@gmail.com
Secretary: Dean Parr  e-mail: drparr51@gmail.com
Director At Large: Loren Flater
Director At Large: Paul Marshall
Director At Large: Mark Johnson e-mail: mark@mjcoins.com
Director At Large: Ted Kahler
Immediate Past President: Lyle Krug
ANA Representative:  Thomas Tomaszek e-mail: tjtomasz1@gmail.com
Show/Bourse Chairman: Mark Johnson 319-651-3923 e-mail: mark@mjcoins.com

2017 Program Calendar:

Jan 18
Coins and Paper Money of Mexico by Dean Parr
Feb 15
Two Cent Pieces by Ron Burns and Dale Dye
Mar 19
ANA National Coins Week Quiz
Apr 19
Half Dollars by Ted Kahler
May 17 Estate Planning by Lee Roe
Jun 21
Jul 19
Aug 16
Sep 20
Oct 18 Elections, TBD
Nov 15
Dec 20
Holiday Party

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Medals Associated with the Cedar Rapids Coin Club:

1946 ANA Medal: On August 17th through the 21st 1946 the INA and ANA held a joint show in Davenport, Iowa in honor of the Iowa State Centennial.  The INA seal appears on the obverse. The designers were Marjorie Ankeny and William M. Baker.  Their initials appear at the lower left and right of the ear of corn.  The reverse was designed by Alphonse A. Kolb.  The medals were manufactured by J. Henri Ripstra, Chicago, IL.

1982 CSNS Medal: The CRCC hosted the Central States Numismatic Society's 43rd convention on April 29 through May 2nd 1982.  Obverse  Reverse

CRCC 50th Anniversary Medal:  In 1989 the Cedar Rapids Coin Club celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.  The obverse is the Cedar Rapids Club emblem adopted on October 12, 1947.  It was created by Member Charles Bartman then Vice President of the club.  Reverse

CRCC 75th Anniversary Encased Cent:  In 2014 the Cedar Rapids Coin Club celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary.  There were two reverse options photo

ANA: http://www.money.org
Central States Numismatic Society: http://centralstates.info/
Iowa Numismatic Association: http://ina.anaclubs.org
Des Moines Coin Club: http://www.desmoines-coinclub.com

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Cedar Rapids Coin Club

PO Box 2277
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